Professor’s TEDx Talk Shares Why We Need Teachers

Reflections on the value of teaching and what it means to be a teacher…

This is a particularly good Ted Talk.  Favourite quotes include:

  • The infinite information search engines provide us today translates into zero knowledge.  If there is not a filtering of relevant information and establishment of links among the relevant bits if information infinite information tends to zero knowledge; and,
  • Innovation in education is not that hard.  It is a sum.  It is a sum of generosity, gratitude and inspiration.

Definitely worth listening to.  Catch it here…

A Bill of Rights and Principles for Learning in the Digital Age

Work on this Bill of Rights & Principles began in Palo Alto, California, on December 14, 2012. We convened a group of people passionate about learning, about serving today’s students, and about using every tool we could imagine to respond better to the needs of students in a global, interactive, digitally connected world. 

Learn more, and read the full Bill of Rights at Edsurge.

Collaborating in the Classroom with iPads

BookCreator ($4.99)

Book Creator has been the standard for eBook creation on an iPad for quite some time.  Now, with the recent update to the app, collaboration is possible between students or between an entire class.  One student can begin working on an eBook in Book Creator and can export the file to a number of online storage platforms including Google Drive, Dropbox and Box.  Another student with access to a shared folder within one of these platforms now has the option to download the original file and “open in” Book Creator.  Further, multiple Book Creator files can now be merged on an iPad to create one final eBook from multiple iPads.  All students can now contribute to a class eBook, upload their segment to a shared folder online and the teacher can download, “open in” Book Creator and combine the files into one collaborative class effort.  The final book can then be published online as a PDF or ePub file.

Read more about this and 5 more ways to collaborate in the classroom using iPads at Edudemic.

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NFB Education: CAMPUS

The new online media solution for today’s classroom

Many of you already view our high-quality, award-winning productions in the classroom on DVD (or even VHS!).

Now, with an educational subscription to CAMPUS, you can access a large collection of NFB films and interactive titles via computer—along with new, super easy-to-use educational tools designed just for you.