Classroom Clickers, Eggs, Voters… Whatever You Want to Call Them

I’ve been doing some workshopping with “Classroom Clickers” (voting eggs like ActiVote) and I’m really liking them.

They take the concept of instant feedback to a whole new level.  They have applications for both assessment and evaluation.  They also have the ability to take what could otherwise be – let’s be serious – really dry boring curriculum and spice it up a bit…  make the learning fun.

The appeal for younger students is obvious.  They are in active use in the Junior School here (up to Grade 5).  But the applications for Middle and High School are there as well.  It’s time to exploit the opportunity.

Learn (a little bit more) by reading the article titled “Why You Should Use Clickers in Your Classroom.

16 Apps and Tools Worth Trying

With classrooms growing increasingly more technology-oriented, it makes sense that developers latch onto the education sector when creating inspired new applications. The past year (roughly speaking) saw many different launches aiming to keep students (and, in some cases, teachers) better prepared and informed for whatever academia hurls their way. Like these apps and tools!

Addressing Plagiarism: Why Students Plagiarize

  • How serious is the issue of student plagiarism?
  • What motivates students to plagiarize?
  • How can educators create a culture of academic integrity?
These are three of the questions answered in Why Students Plagiarize, a 30-minute webcast featuring Jason M. Stephens, an expert on academic motivation, moral judgment, self-regulation, and cheating behavior among students. Dr. Stephens gives you the information you need to address the issue of plagiarism at your institution and provides you with some additional resources.