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Building a Community Around Integrity: Academics and the Ethical Elephant in the Room

Whether it’s Wikipedia or crowd-sourced answer websites, it is by now no surprise that students are taking advantage of the immediacy of information online. More than just that though, they are incorporating the information they find in their papers in ways that are short of appropriate (also not surprisingly). How do we start to tackle this ethical elephant? What are some strategies for engaging students in building a community around the ethical use of information they find online?

Join us for an engaging session with Gill Rowell, who will share tips and best practices for enlisting students in building a community of integrity.

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No Child Left Untableted

Feature article from The New York Times

Sally Hurd Smith, a veteran teacher, held up her brand-new tablet computer and shook it as she said, “I don’t want this thing to take over my classroom.” It was late June, a month before the first day of school. In a sixth-grade classroom in Greensboro, N.C., a dozen middle-school social-studies teachers were getting their second of three days of training on tablets that had been presented to them as a transformative educational tool. Every student and teacher in 18 of Guilford County’s 24 middle schools would receive one, 15,450 in all, to be used for class work, homework, educational games — just about everything, eventually.

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Frame Artist App

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Frame Artist: An App for Editing Images and Creating Collages

Frame Artist is a nice iPad app (free and paid versions are available) for editing images and creating collages. The app provides two dozen templates. If the pre-made templates don’t suit your style you can create your own. Whether you use one of the stock templates or you create your own, you can add stickers, fonts, and filters to your images.

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