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Copyright:  Must Read Materials!

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From The TeacherList: As you may or may not be aware, Canadian copyright legislation was updated recently.  The Council of Ministers of Education also updated and released the 3rd Edition of their publication, “Copyright Matters!”  From the introduction: “This booklet gives teachers user-friendly information on copyright law, covering items from the Canadian Copyright Act and its regulations, contractual and tariff arrangements with copyright collectives, and court decisions.”  You can download your own pdf copy at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada website.

The URL is:

For further information on Canadian copyright, be sure to check out  On part of this site, Your Digital Presence, which has an entire section on Copyright and Ownership.  It was just updated to reflect the current changes.


Turnitin Resources

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For those of you who are already using Turnitin with your classes, please refer to the weblinks below for handy dandy information about a variety of resources – webcasts and tutorials – available from Turnitin to support your work in the classroom.

(Teachers at ESA are being brought online grade by grade.  During the 2012-2013 school year, Grade 9 geography teachers were brought online with Turnitin.  Grade 10 teachers will be brought online next year to continue work with the students moving up from Grade 9.  Next year’s Grade 9 geography students and teachers will be brought online, etc.  If you are not already using Turnitin but would like to see how it works, please send an e-mail request to Enid).

Instructor Training… titles including, but not limited to

  • Set-Up
  • Originality Check
  • GradeMark
  • Peer Mark
  • Course Management
  • Additional Resources

Turnitin: The Blog

White Papers… titles including, but not limited to

  • What’s Wrong with Wikipedia
  • The Sources in Student Writing
  • The Plagiarism Spectrum
  • Teaching Writing Across the Curriculum
  • A Web Based Solution for Collaborative Writing

On Demand Webcasts

  • Grading and Feedback
  • Preventing Plagiarism
  • Improving Writing Skills
  • Engaging Students


Other Interesting Resources


Reminder to all staff…  ESA has an Academic Honesty Brochure for Teachers, a companion to the Academic Honesty for Students and Parents brochure which goes home with all incoming students at the beginning of the school year.  If you need a new copy of this, please send an e-mail request to Enid.


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