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So I’m not totally certain whether or not just anyone can actually sign up for this, but it’s probably worth a try…

Building a Community Around Integrity: Academics and the Ethical Elephant in the Room

Whether it’s Wikipedia or crowd-sourced answer websites, it is by now no surprise that students are taking advantage of the immediacy of information online. More than just that though, they are incorporating the information they find in their papers in ways that are short of appropriate (also not surprisingly). How do we start to tackle this ethical elephant? What are some strategies for engaging students in building a community around the ethical use of information they find online?

Join us for an engaging session with Gill Rowell, who will share tips and best practices for enlisting students in building a community of integrity.

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Plagiarism Education Week: April 22nd to 26th










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Plagiarism.org and Turnitin are celebrating Plagiarism Education Week with a series of free, live webcasts addressing the following issues:

  • Monday: Causes of Plagiarism

  • Tuesday: Types of Plagiarism

  • Wednesday: Responses to Plagiarism

  • Thursday: Approaches to Plagiarism

  • Friday: Originality and Creativity

Full details are available here.

There is also an associated student contest.  Entries are due by April 23rd.  Find all the details at the posting on the ESA Library Tumblr blog.

Copyright Matters

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From The TeacherList: As you may or may not be aware, Canadian copyright legislation was updated recently.  The Council of Ministers of Education also updated and released the 3rd Edition of their publication, “Copyright Matters!”  From the introduction: “This booklet gives teachers user-friendly information on copyright law, covering items from the Canadian Copyright Act and its regulations, contractual and tariff arrangements with copyright collectives, and court decisions.”  You can download your own pdf copy at the Council of Ministers of Education, Canada website.

The URL is:  http://www.cmec.ca/140/Programs-and-Initiatives/Copyright/Copyright-Matters-/index.html

For further information on Canadian copyright, be sure to check out 2Learn.ca.  On part of this site, Your Digital Presence, which has an entire section on Copyright and Ownership.  It was just updated to reflect the current changes.