Your brain on Snapchat!

This is Your Brain on Snapchat!

As is frequently the case, the first ‘App’ I feature is not an App.  Rather, as we start the school year – and are in the final stages of planning for a special morning of Wellness related activities for our new Grade 9’s – I’ll take this opportunity to share some research on the relationship between social media and mood… and hence, one’s predisposition to learning.

Please follow this link to find this week’s recommended App: This is Your Brain on Snapchat! Produced in partnership by PBS Learning Media, I found this at my favourite EdTech website, FreeTech4Teachers.

Google Updates

We’re back!  I forgot entirely about posting the week after March Break, and since then I’ve been so busy I just completely forgot each of the following two Monday mornings. I had Poetry in Voice, and then Great Soup on my mind to the exclusion of all else on each of those successive Mondays.

I’m back at the cottage this weekend, in my happy place relaxing in the warmth and the sunshine, and realised – with quite a jolt yesterday – that I hadn’t posted here for a couple of weeks.  I have a remedy however!!  I have – why only now? – made myself a calendar alert reminder for Sunday’s.  My mind is not the steel trap it used to be.  Hopefully that’ll keep me on track.

But I digress…

Please follow this link to find this week’s recommended App: Google Product Updates.  I draw your attention to two locations on the web.

There is some overlap between these postings.  Straying from my usual format in these alerts, I’d like to comment on a couple of these items.  You can find my thoughts – for what they’re worth – in this shared Google Doc.