With apologies…

Apologies to those of you who follow this blog… and/or who usually receive the weekly APP of the Week e-mail.

It has been a long difficult year, and when I returned to work at the start of May, I have to admit that I completely forgot about getting going with these postings and the App of the Week. I was a little overwhelmed…

Then, I made the decision to retire and everything about my work life since then has been focused on wrapping up and leaving things in good shape for my successor.

I am delighted to announce that Ms. Adrienne Kennedy will be taking over as ACL of Library and Technology Integration at ESA.

I do not know yet whether she will continue with this blog and the App of the Week feature, as we haven’t had a chance to discuss things like that.

Regardless, I trust you have found the blog and the blasts useful and helpful in your teaching practice.

Take care.  Enjoy!


Enid Wray