Join us in the Library, before school, every Tuesday morning for Mindfulness, with Trish Drynan, of Tools for All Teens.

Also check out the new and ever expanding ESA Library Special Collection on Health and Wellness – including, among other things, mindfulness.



Take a minute to centre yourself, feeling your body sitting comfortably in your chair, your back straight, yet soft and supple.  The most important thing is to feel comfortable.

Begin by connecting with your breath, without trying to control it in anyway.  just find where it is and use this point as your anchor.

As you start to consciously connect to your breath, everything will naturally start to slow down.

Your breath will become deeper and slower.

Now begin to check in where you are at.  First, physically, then emotionally, and last but not least, mentally.  Take a few breaths with each state of being.

With each breath begin to let go of any grievances, resentments and regrets.  Start to clear out the negative blocks that are no longer serving you.

Know that you are not these worries and concerns.  Let them go.  Free yourself from them.

Become aware of the present moment and see what comes up for you, and then let it go.  Actually greet it and then release it.

Continue to sit and be still.  As distractions come up, find your anchor in your breath and feel yourself relax with each full inhale and exhale for five minutes.


The benefits of mindfulness:

  • Reduced anxiety
  • More calm in your life
  • Greater joy
  • Decreased muscle tension
  • Less stress
  • Increased mental clarity
  • Increased energy levels
  • Increased positive thinking patterns
  • Better sleep patterns
  • Increased creativity
  • Lower blood pressure

How Mindfulness can change your life

  1. You start to realise that you are not your thoughts.  Your thoughts are not your reality.  They are only your thoughts.
  2. You are more in touch with the present moment and not as caught up in worries and concerns about the past or the future.
  3. Greater appreciation of the things in your life, no matter how big or small.  Simply appreciate the little things in your everyday life.
  4. Becoming less judgmental and more accepting of yourself and others.  With mindfulness you start to accept the present moment.  Accept what is.
  5. Less drama in your life.  Responding in a calmer way.  Not as reactive.  Stepping back from a situation with less worry, fear and more joy and love.
  6. More compassionate with others as well as yourself.  Become a better listener.  Improved relationships.
  7. Mindfulness doesn’t eliminate the stressors in life, it helps us deal better with whatever does come up.  It allows us to become clearer of the things we are grateful for, allowing more peace to prevail.

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