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Healthline Body Maps

Healthline Body Maps is perfect for the kinesiology student, or anyone who wants to know more about the nuts and bolts of the human body.  Using CGI make and female “models” students can use a mouse to select various parts of the body and then zoom in through multiple layers to learn more about specific body parts.  Not for the faint of heart…  the renderings are very realistic.


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Monster Heart Medic


A recent app developed by UC Berkeley’s Lawrence Hall of Science, and funded by a National Institutes of Health SEPA Award, serves as a great example for what we can achieve when we use technology in the service of community. This time, the collaboration resulted in educating people about the importance of healthy lifestyles and habits through the creation of Monster Heart Medic. This free, new app for iOS – and soon coming to Android – is a well crafted educational adventure game that explores the cardiovascular system by examining how it is affected by healthy living.

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