Equity Workshop, Dec 5th 2014

Tracy Williams-Shreve
Instructional Leader
Equitable and Inclusive Schools

Cristina Guerrero
Instructional Leader
Secondary Equity


Following are the links to resources used or shown in the workshop session as well as additional related resources…

The full version of the Power Point Presentation from the morning session may be found on the Teacher Share Drive. Follow this path:

  • ESA Desktop folder > Teacher Share > Library @ ESA > Professional Development


TED Talk:  Colour Blink or Colour Brave


James Banks Continuum


Opportunity Gap vs Achievement Gap

  • in some way the system has failed and not provided opportunities they should have had
  • functional magnetic resonance imaging…
  • Dr. Josh Aronson
  • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ahN-dSh_lTc
  • long video but highly recommends that worth watching in entirety
  • a lot comes from “Deficit thinking”… http://www.learnnc.org/lp/pages/990
  • So poverty plays out in many ways and has many impacts…  structural inequities…  not as blatant as they used to be but they are still there


Mindset profiles



Interesting:  Article about scientific debate around the issue


Kids video on neuroplasticity

Also worth checking out…


The Social Brain


Social Identity


Identity/Stereotype Threat

  • Search AP Source Database…  available through the ESA Virtual LIbrary
  • ESA Virtual Library > Our Online Resources > Advanced Placement Source
  • Login credentials for home access:  Available on the Virtual Library Learnmark (or on the Teacher Share in the folder Library@ESA)
  • Search “Identity Stereotype Threat”…


Additional Interesting Resources


BOOK I will be purchasing for the Professional Collection in the Library



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