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I am very interested in making The Flipped Classroom a major initiative at ESA.  The benefits of a flipped classroom are many and varied. The concept of flipping makes particular sense at a school like ESA where there are so many “interruptions” to day-to-day classroom life, and where we have so many students involved in activities outside the school in both the short and the long term.  Refer to the dedicated Flipped Classroom page inside this blog for more information about both the pedagogical advantages of Flipping the Classroom and the technological tools necessary to support a flipped classroom.


One Stop Shopping About All Manner of Things Technological is Tom Barrett’s blog Interesting Ways.  No need to repeat much of what is on this.  If you want to jump right in for a quick primer on just about anything, start there.  You can also follow Tom on Twitter @ tombarrett.

Similarly, you might want to check out the Free Technology for Teachers Blog written by Richard Byrne.  This blog has pretty consistently been awarded the Best Resource Sharing Blog Award by a number of parties over the last couple of years. Follow Richard on Twitter @ rmbyrne.  Subscribe to the blog here.

Another excellent resource is Web2.0: Cool Tools for Schools, an award winning clearinghouse for all manner of digital tools for students and teachers.  The best one-stop shopping on the web for anything relating to the incorporation of Web2.0 tools into your teaching and learning practice.


Additionally, if you are looking for some Professional Development Opportunities relating to all things technology, then visit the Powerful Learning Practice website and check out their available e-courses.  There’s always something for everyone.  Some are free.  Some are on a fee pay basis.


(These pages are very definitely evolving works in progress.  Please advise if links are broken and I’ll do my best to repair or replace).

Much more to come!!  Stay tuned…


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