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Getting your classroom online – and flipping your classroom, if you plan to try that as well – is facilitated by being able to convert, and manipulate, PDF files. This page will serve as a repository of tips and tricks, and cool applications.  As it is appropriate, some information will also be cross-posted on the iPads in the Classroom page, as well as The Flipped Classroom page.


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Web2PDF allows you to convert webpages to PDF files to view at your leisure. Saves bookmarking and reduces your data consumption.  You can embed the PDF’s in a wiki or blog posting (as an alternative to a screenshot) providing better readability for students.


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PageFlip-Flap spices up your plain old PDF files into interactive flip books.  Works for .doc, PDF, Word and movie files.  Easy to share, and free.


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flipsnack is similar to PageFlip-Flap. The American Association of School Librarians recommends flipsnack for education.


Additional Flip Book options include:


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pdf4kindle is a free online service which converts PDF files to .mobi and .azw files.  Compatible with Mac OS, Windows and Linux, it provides the full Kindle experience to your PDF files.  If your students have Kindles, they’ll love this.


Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 4.33.24 PMPDFescape allows you to perform basic editing functions on PDF documents. Self promoted as a “free, online PDF reader, editor, form filler, & form designer.”  Lots of possibilities for highlighting parts of documents, adding explanatory notes, and gathering information.


Additional PDF Editing Options include:

  • Debenu (both free and paid versions available)
  • Cute PDF
  • PDF Ripper (especially good for taking bits and pieces out of PDF’s)


Screen Shot 2013-07-21 at 8.51.23 AMBlogBooker allows you to save your blog entries as PDF files.  Works with WordPress, Blogger and LiveJournal platforms.  And it’s free.



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