Presentation Tools

Looking for alternatives to PowerPoint (or Keynote) presentations in the classroom?  Consider the options outlined below…  To the nest of my knowledge – at least at the time of writing – all are free.


  • online slideshows
  • sharing capabilities, including embedding
  • ability to embed video as well as draw/create/edit images on slides


  • similar to Empressr
  • 3D transitions
  • collaboration capabilities
  • user friendly
  • has a Google Drive App


  • dynamic, free flowing, non-linear
  • now able to add sound

Apache Open Office Impress

  • license free
  • user friendly
  • well supported
  • standards compliant, integrates with Microsoft Office and other platforms

Google Slides

  • good for collaboration and commenting
  • publishing tool for easy embedding

Haiku Deck (for iPad)

  • integrated image search tool (searches Creative Commons licensed images)

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